Restaurateur David Yeo – also restaurant operator of Aqua at The Shard – elected to establish a sister to the Hong Kong Hutong restaurant at level 33 of The Shard. Close collaboration with the client and architects was vital in creating a theatrical and low-glare lighting scheme. The two bars at Hutong were features of the restaurant.


The venue is split into two distinctive sides – the Shanghai side and the Beijing side. The first main element within each of the spaces is the bar which is clad in stone and wood. These are dramatically illuminated with very narrow pools of light on the bar top and shafts of light across the wooden back bar in the Beijing bar and across the feature ceiling in the Shanghai bar. Concealed warm white LED profiles illuminate the glass displays whilst also providing working light for the staff.


The final lighting concept is the result of a close collaboration between into and the strong design concepts of the client. The restaurant feels striking but not overbearing. A combination of anti-glare fittings and attention to detail, and a highly controlled system, means the lighting design retains detail and theatre even at lunchtime. into lighting and David Yeo were winners at the Lighting Design Awards 2014 in the Restaurant and Hotel category and at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2014 in the lighting scheme category.

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