The luxurious Hong Kong restaurant by Marco Gubiotti includes a large Michelin starred restaurant and private dining room upstairs, and a bar and lounge in the basement space. into were employed as lighting consultants for the entire space. A key element of the brief was to create a dramatic impression through lighting design – a ‘wow’ factor.


The design for the main restaurant is based around creating a layered scheme and suitably lighting a space with a very low ceiling. Downstairs in the bar area the focus remains on key pieces and attention to detail, and three large bespoke fittings designed and manufactured by into hang above the bar itself. The pendants are geometric in design and utilise architectural tubes. Bespoke surface-mounted lamps on the bar also bring a touch of elegance and further emphasise the added height in this area. Golden fittings, concealed downlighting and concealed linear LED details create a luxurious feel and pinpoint certain surfaces with light.


A DMX dimming system was specified for all LED lighting to be dimmed smoothly and to a very low level in the evening. The design of various bespoke pieces creates a dramatic environment, and in particular the bar is made into a feature area through these designs in collaboration with designLSM. The restaurant was a winner at the 2014 International Design and Architecture Awards in the Restaurant category and was shortlisted in the lighting design category at the Restaurant And Bar Design Awards in 2013.

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