Opened in Spring 2014 The Fable is an interpretation of Aesop’s tales, “it is a bar & restaurant out of the ordinary, where every detail tells a story” in the words of the client. The interior is quirky and fun and lighting design was to build on this. The client Drake & Morgan requested LED sources throughout.


Each floor is a myriad of details and design features, and into designed and manufactured three bespoke fittings to tie in with this; a wire frame wolf’s head with an E27 LED lamp, a powder coated moss-green lamp on an adjustable and lockable arm and a globe lamp hanging from a 3mm cord with 10 balls of oak, walnut and powder coated metal above.  LED track lighting zig zags across the ceilings of all floors.


Crafted bespoke fittings, designed in collaboration with Fusion, work to create a lighting scheme that is anything but ‘off-the-shelf’. Elsewhere lighting enhances a tailored approach to a three-floored venue. Photography Credit: Media Wisdom

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