Within walking distance of the site of the world’s first steakhouse (Dolly’s), the Hawksmoor Guildhall is a 160 cover restaurant which pays tribute to the greatest steak there was in London. The lighting design was to provide a modern and contemporary solution which also respected the tradition and heritage of the interior.


Domed feature pendants line the ceiling of the space, and are bespoke pieces designed by into after reviewing reclaimed fittings found by the client at auction. Evenly spaced along the walls are matching feature wall lights and white light from these contrasts well with the dark wood of the floors and furnishings. Into also designed bespoke table lighting hard-wired to tables within the space.


The food at Hawksmoor Guildhall has sparked a resurgence of the steak restaurant and serves “the best power breakfast” according to GQ Magazine. Lighting successfully blends contemporary solutions with a traditional setting and suitably lights the space and the exceptional food.

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