The creation of an exclusive member’s basement club, ground floor bar and second floor restaurant on Berkeley Square in Mayfair. into were briefed to consult and design a lighting scheme for all spaces.


Basement spaces are difficult to light in a way that feels natural. Subtle lighting is then used to illuminate the original brick walls and colour-changing RGB fittings are sequenced to the music, drifting between colours as the music skips between bars. Bespoke golden pendants and hidden detailing light the ground floor bar area. In the restaurant into designed bespoke ceiling and wall lights with recessed halogen downlights directed onto table surfaces and artwork.


Each of the spaces involves an advanced development of lighting control and design, whether through colour-change technology or the design and development of bespoke light fittings. The overall finish is lighting which works to enhance the status of Mortons as an exclusive Mayfair venue, with distinct separate spaces.

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