Into were previously appointed by Levi’s as lighting consultants for their European rollout, of which the Levi’s store on Regent Street was to be the London flagship site. The lighting design needed to reflect this elevated status, but also be applicable to a rolled-out scheme for other sites around Europe.


The lighting concept was based around low ambient and high accent lighting using a flexible track and spotlight system which could be scaled to fit any store size. The light fittings chosen had an industrial aesthetic to fit with the urban feel of the interiors. For the flagship store, lighting was added to highlight particular retail displays and create a sense of exclusivity.


Into lighting successfully created a look for the London flagship which met with the aesthetic of the rollout across Europe, but retained the feeling of an exclusive Regent Street store. Following the flagship site, into successfully managed the lighting design, procurement, supply and commissioning for all Levi’s stores across Europe.

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