The design team were appointed after the success of the Cuckoo Club in the UK. The refurbished Pravda club looked to attract a bigger and newer customer base with the help of an ultra modern lighting scheme. The client in question also owned several luxury hotels and restaurants in Lucerne and was looking to inject vibrancy into his portfolio. 


A very low ambience in the VIP and lounge areas allowed architectural features to be loud and dramatic through the use of dimmable colour change halos of coffers and mirrors. A huge artwork wall became a focus through shuttered high-level projectors. The impact for the main dance floor involved a large bespoke LED panel, on winches for installation and maintenance.  This can be controlled by a light jockey via a PC and is capable of running sequences of programs with a piano keyboard making the ceiling act like a large-pixel video screen.


The opening night exemplified the vast possibilities of the architectural lighting and that it could be a big part of a DJ’s tools.

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