For a distinctive design for a new flagship, and to elevate the brand to a more luxurious level in the industry, the building was completely gutted for a clean slate to design onto. A lighting scheme was designed for three floors of retail, including a basement café/function space.


High ceilings guided the decision to use metal-halide due to maintenance concerns, and narrow beam CDM-R111 lamps gave controlled accent lighting with minimal glare. To maintain a feeling of exclusivity, product had high accent lighting with a low ambient level of light at floor level. This approach was key where video is projected on walls so that they were not washed out. Dimmable warm white cold cathode was used behind perimeter fixtures to lift the displays, give depth and add a visually warm element.


The lighting designed by into achieves a scheme with well-lit product, but with a relaxed and warm atmosphere that communicates a luxury brand.

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