The Sloane St boutique underwent a refurbishment and re-brand to embody the modern Jitrois aesthetic, “We wanted to represent the allure of the essence of night” – Jean Claude Jitrois. The dramatic restyling involved the use of entirely LED light fittings by into.


Lighting is kept minimal in a space with mirrored walls and ceiling. Main lighting is concealed on tracks mounted into ceiling troughs. Warm white LED gimbals line the trough which curves round a perspex drop-rod chandelier at the rear, creating a stunning centre piece that draws the consumer through the store. An inner-circle trough runs round the top with fittings angled to shine light through the rods. The basement space includes linear LED detailing in wall details for added light in a naturally dark space, emitting a warm hue and creating an inviting shopping experience.


The interior retail space has a 100% LED lighting scheme, the only use of halogen is sparingly in the window display area. It is not often that a retailer chooses to refurbish and convert lighting almost entirely to this source. And the use of LED means heat control, lighting maintenance and running costs are minimised.

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