Maison Pierre Marcolini has become a name synonymous with some of the finest chocolate in Europe. into were invited to collaborate with architects BETC Design on the chocolaterie’s fourth boutique in Paris, a petite store on rue Saint-Honoré with a crisp, white interior. Particular emphasis was placed on the use of LED sources with a high CRI (Colour Rendering Index).


into focused on the creation of a minimal all-white interior in which the product appeared in a light as near to natural light as possible, therefore the Colour rendering of the LED engines used were an important factor. Both the client and architect were hosted at the into London offices for demonstrations. To keep in mind the minimal touch the ceiling was kept as a blank canvas with a small amount of downlights. Instead, coffers lit with linear LED sources produce a frame to the space. Integral shelving along the walls have bespoke concealed lighting details, designed to-measure by into. Each takes into account the dimensions of the shelf and the product displayed within.


The store is a modern, crisp white boutique which speaks luxury and style to customers, and sits well on one of the most fashionable streets in Paris. into‘s designs use entirely LED light sources and in a rare-move for retail the lighting is on a Lutron dimming system. This provides the freedom to dim lighting for evening events. Our work on the project has now been shortlisted at the 2015 Lighting Design Awards.

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