Based on the success of working on Porsche showroom sites across the UK, Porsche SA asked into to produce a lighting scheme for this very large dealership.  Design, specification and also pricing could be controlled and assured through into – often difficult in the local market.


A theatrical highlighting of each individual car was achieved by using narrow beam metal-halide track projectors and detailed light-level plots. The dark floor colouring enhances the effect. Large graphics were well lit with flood projectors and night time switching considered in order to save energy after hours. The external façade has a separate circuit of lighting just above the window line which ensures it is well-lit day and night.


The lighting showcases the cars in an impressive building where attention to detail in everything, including the lighting, really works to reinforce the brand. Following the success of this scheme into lighting went on to work on further sites for Porsche SA including Durban and Cape Town.

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