CET Building Budapest
Client: Fovarosi Onkomanyzat Interior Designer: The Alchemists


The CET building is a cultural centre and shopping mall in downtown Budapest, on the shore of the Danube. into worked alongside The Alchemists to produce a lighting design for public spaces on all levels and exterior lighting of the whole development.


From the top floor to the bottom floor it was important to have a lighting design that was as evocative and intriguing as the architecture. Making use of the space was important, and strings of suspended LED lamps run from edge to edge on the first floor making the most of the width. Elsewhere feature lighting was designed to be striking and included a fibre optic chandelier, large floor lamps and a recessed clock projector.


The building was recognised internationally as being an architectural success in the restoration of the two 1881 warehouses, and the creation of the flowing metal structure between. The Lighting complemented this juxtaposing aesthetic and utilised the large interior space.

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