Into were appointed by the architects undertaking the renovation of a collection of 1960’s buildings in Kuwait City that house twenty government ministries. The scope included all internal public areas and ministers offices as well as the external building façades and landscaping.


Light fittings were designed to be integrated into the extensive use of mashribiya screening – used to control the impact of the sun – to create a halo light effect after dark. In the atrium gobo projectors were proposed to mimic the daylight effect in the space. Indirect lighting to the ceiling slots lead people down long corridors and provide a cohesive and calming design. Creativity and technical problem-solving were required to dramatically light large sculptural features and architecture where locations were often limited due to the existing building.


In providing a detailed design report and attending briefing meetings with local consultants into were able to clearly communicate the scheme and specifications to enable the project to progress smoothly to the next stages.

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