A vast abandoned 1930’s building overlooking the Georgian capital was transformed into 5 main hospitality areas. Working with designLSM, the brief was to create a retro-modern space with unique bespoke luminaires. The building has many historic architectural features, which were to be accentuated.


Bespoke lighting features  designed in collaboration with designLSM were used to create a unique styling for each area. The main restaurant  sees circular brass-finish bespoke chandeliers 2 meters in diameter and ground floor restaurant ‘Chela’ has a 6.5m double-tiered bespoke fitting wrapped around integral columns. The bar top in the first floor bar and lounge is made of very thin-cut marble laminated to glass and into integrated LED underneath to emit a soft glow through the material. Into specified LED sources for all architectural lighting, both internally and externally.


A total of 21 bespoke luminaires are included in the project and compliment the brief to enhance the architectural features of the space. The complex is now a major destination venue atop Mtatsminda Hill and was a finalist at the 2014 International Hotel & Property Awards by Design et al.

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