into were appointed to realise the client’s vision for a creative and energy efficient lighting scheme based around LED light sources. The goal was to ensure GBK stood out from other casual dining restaurants; to be achieved with extensive use of bespoke feature lighting.


A range of bespoke feature lighting for the project was developed by into, in collaboration with the interior design team. All bespoke fittings were based around dimmable warm white LED’s and the use of bronze and copper finishes on the lamp housings means a warm glow of light is emitted. Energy efficient LED engines are used in all down-lights to meet with the client’s requirements and Part L regulations. All down-lights are specified with anti-glare baffles to avoid unnecessary glare from LED sources.


The client feels we have achieved a lighting scheme with high visual impact and a warm ambience post-dusk, whilst also meeting with stringent targets for low energy usage and low maintenance.

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