Within the main dining space is an undulating wicker ceiling. Architects Buckley Grey Yeoman were keen not to house downlights or spotlights inside this feature, so into were tasked with providing appropriate lighting levels to this space and adapt to an inaccessible ceiling area.


Feature well-glass pendants were suspended from the framework ceiling at different heights and hang below the wicker. They are split across 3 circuits to ensure flexibility of dimming. This enables pendants within pockets of the woven ceiling to be bright and accentuate this feature, while other pendants can be dimmed to a gentle glow to provide ambient light. Concealed LED details provide both uplight and downlight functions to the bar fascia, constructed of rebars, which makes for an eye-catching feature.


The pendants in the dining area integrate well within the ceiling feature and clever controls allow for good adjustability. The rustic and re-claimed style of luminaires combine well with main dining features for an overall lighting scheme that is complimentary and dramatic.

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