A dramatic and theatrical lighting effect was required to compliment the dark and minimal interior design of the restaurant. A strong emphasis was placed on illuminating individual tables, meaning minimal light spill onto the floor and surrounding areas and a more ambient lighting scheme. Within the basement of the restaurant, the same lighting effect was requested but without creating an oppressive feel. No lighting could be recessed into the main dining spaces on either floor and efforts were made to reduce glare.


Small track mounted adjustable spotlights with both snoots and honeycomb louvres provided an extremely low glare illumination. Narrow beam angle lamps were specified to ensure a tight pool of light to each table. Food displays were lit with a wider beam angle lamp for an even illumination. In the basement into recommended that the light wells be left open to natural daylight for a lighter, less oppressive environment.


A theatrical lighting effect was created within the restaurant akin to high-end, Michelin star dining but for a high-street restaurant. Both the ground floor and basement levels offer a dramatic, yet comfortable environment during day and evening service.

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