Oblix is by award-winning duo Rainer Becker and Arjun Waney – owners of the Zuma and Roka brands. The venue is a lesson in minimalism through the eyes of architects Claudio Silvestrin, and where possible lighting was to be integrated into the architecture and unitry to reduce glare and reflections in the vast windows and maintain the minimal aesthetic.


The venue is split into a lounge bar and a formal dining area. Atmospheric lighting is created in the corridors that lead to each through a combination of high-level indirect LED ceiling slots and stone totems with underlit moving water. Bespoke miniature square LED pendants hang low over the bar in the restaurant and elsewhere lighting is particular in it’s uses: concealed shelf detailing, warm spots focused onto key surfaces only and cubed bespoke table lights.


The lighting designs enhance the use of plush materials throughout the scheme and bespoke fittings create a tailored, stripped-back aesthetic. Specification of anti-glare fittings ensures minimal glare and reflections in the triple-glazed glass.

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