into installation at Darc night 2016

September 23, 2016

into lighting were invited to take part in this year’s Darc Awards at MC Motors, partnering with Filix Lighting to create a dynamic, responsive light art installation for their evening event. Held annually by Darc Magazine & Mondo Arc in collaboration with Light Collective, the Darc Awards celebrate the best in creative architectural lighting design on an international level. Attendance to the awards is restricted to members of the lighting industry, and  all shortlisted entries are voted on by the attendees in the run up to the event. The into team – Daniel Green, David Armstrong, Dean Carpenter & Phillip Dickinson – working with Marko Jurman from Filix Lighting, created a striking 3-sided mirror structure, flanked by glowing acrylic tubes that gently dimmed up and down via DMX control. A PIR sensor momentarily increased the lighting’s tempo to “celebrate” people’s movement via a sensor as they walked through the center of the installation. 16 teams took part to create a series of stunning illuminated pieces, all centered around the use of a “cubic” space. Darc Awards: Filix Lighting: into-lighting-darc-awards-2016