into’s lighting design for the German Gymnasium is shortlisted at the Darc Awards

July 11, 2016

into-lighting-German-Gymnasium-london(1) into have been shortlisted within the category 'best interior lighting scheme' for German Gymnasium, a restaurant situated in King's Cross, London. The main architectural elements within the venue are two grand staircases sweeping up either side of the ground floor café to take you up into the higher levels. The staircases have been expressed via an integral LED handrail detail to subtly illuminate the stair treads whilst not detracting from the views up into the venue. Feature wine displays sit underneath both stairs and are illuminated using integral LED details to provide both functional and feature lighting. The bar on the ground floor is situated in front of the open kitchen with large bottle displays located on either side. These were illuminated with linear LED under each of the glass shelves with a separate LED to highlight the metallic surface on the back walls of the displays. This compliments the underlit bottle display within the centre of the bar. On the first floor the main bar has an expansive LED backlit bottle display, along with integral LED lighting to the front of the shelving, providing illumination to the front face of the bottles on show. The booths running down either side of the venue are illuminated using miniature LED spotlights discretely mounted on high level beams to provide specific table illumination. A concealed LED profile, mounted on top of the beams, highlights the timber ceiling within each booth. The main architectural details are the listed ornate columns and vast timber arches spanning the venue. The columns are up lit by low glare floor recessed LED ingrounds with a colour correction filter, to ensure warmth of colour temperature. The timber arches are sympathetically lit using surface mounted LED projectors with a very controlled optic, deep snoot and honeycomb louvre to avoid any glare. The bespoke artwork either side of the first floor bar is illuminated with bespoke LED picture lights designed specifically for each piece. All LED lighting throughout the project is controlled using a DMX protocol to allow for smooth dimming to an extreme low level. Read more here: