Lighting Design Awards 2014 Winners

August 29, 2014

In March into attended the annual Lighting Design Awards with six projects shortlisted across various categories. The prestigious event, hosted at the London Hilton Hotel, showcased the best in international lighting design and product design and was a fantastic evening with all those in the industry. It was with great pride that Darren Orrow and Anthony Stead of into accepted the award for our work at Hutong at The Shard - winner of the Hotels and Restaurants category. The project involved a dynamic lighting scheme, closely collaborated on with restaurateur David Yeo and SAY Architects. [caption id="attachment_3286" align="alignnone" width="640"]Hutong At The Shard Location: London Client: David Yeo Architect: SAY Architects Hutong At The Shard Location: London Client: David Yeo Architect: SAY Architects[/caption] LDA 2014 Winner Logo The use of varying materials in wood, stone and paper at Hutong meant lighting needed to work with contrasts, but at the same time not become overpowering. The floor to ceiling triple-glazed windows around the perimeter of the space also presented possible glare and reflections to contend with. The resulting designs at Hutong are a triumph of collaboration; lighting cohesively works with a powerful aesthetic and does not detract from the breath-taking views.