Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2014 Winners

September 29, 2014

It’s always fantastic when you get to work on a project that receives such an unwavering positive reception. We are so pleased to announce that into and the client David Yeo have been awarded with another accolade for the collaborative work at Hutong at The Shard, this time at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards for Best Lighting Scheme 2014. Hutong Restaurant - The Shard, London           Hutong Restaurant - The Shard, London The overall collaborative design between client, lighting consultant and architect is a huge success at Hutong. The restaurant of two halves presents both Shanghai cuisine and Beijing cuisine to the diner. The interior and lighting is designed to be both theatrical and dynamic, and to reflect on the grandeur of Chinese heritage. It was important for David Yeo – restaurant operator of not only Hutong but Aqua at The Shard two floors below – that the view be a large feature in the designs. into therefore paid great attention to detail to create a lighting scheme that was theatrical and in tune with the aesthetic, and that would create minimal glare and reflections in the perimeter floor to ceiling triple-glazed windows. Low glare light fittings with deep-set lamps and baffles, and a carefully constructed layered lighting scheme built from integral lighting details up to downlights angled onto specific surfaces, creates intrigue but at the same time limits the light level to something that is respectful of what lies the other side of the windows. Feature areas for added dramatic impact include floor to ceiling red lanterns lining one feature wall, bespoke made for the restaurant, and integral detailing to bar areas. Hutong Restaurant - The Shard, London Restaurateur David Yeo is confident that we have achieved a very theatrical low glare lighting scheme which provides minimal reflections in the glass perimeter windows, meaning diners can enjoy the breath-taking views across London. The lighting design retains the element of theatre even at lunchtime when the restaurant is flooded with natural light. “Classic, a wonderful sense of the orient” Kaffe Fasset, Artist and judge at the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards 2014 Hutong Restaurant - The Shard, London