The brief for Paperchase stores is to provide a very good level of light to the colourful and varied product and maintain a fresh, vibrant atmosphere. The interior designers were keen that the light fittings form a big part of the recognisable chain.


Energy efficient metal halide lamps are used to provide a punchy, good colour rendering. Directional fittings mean good vertical illuminance is maintained, particularly to key perimeter card display walls. Cool white lamps in the modular ceiling fittings add a crisp feel whilst being visually bright from inside and outside the store. Their wide distribution of light also helps to achieve good levels of light on shelves. LED detailing is used for cabinet lighting, adding accent. Large bespoke feature fittings fill high ceiling spaces and add to the feeling of a tailored interior lighting design, making each store unique.


The lighting adds to a very strong brand image that has gone from strength to strength across the UK and internationally.  into has been able to develop the concept as the chain grows and still works across Paperchase stores.

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