Perth Airport Arrivals Perth
Client: James Richardson Interior Designer: Innovare Design


Collaborating with international interior designers Innovare Design, the work at Perth Airport was carried out on a design and supply basis. into supplied all light fittings and provided a lighting design in line with the interior concept. In such a large space the emphasis was on creating an interesting well-lit space that was “not just another airport duty free store” in the words of the client.


Taking up 30% of the ceiling area, the main feature is a flowing ceiling raft. 35W recessed adjustable metal-halide downlights follow the curves of the structure and illuminate the walkways. Curved LED linear light sheets are suspended at the perimeter edges and suspended 4-way adjustable gimbals provide main lighting elsewhere. Particular product placements have specialist luminaires for display, including downlights housed in fabric drop-down cylinders.


The client James Richardson is a duty free operator of “creative, individual store designs” and the fittings specified for the project have successfully transformed a large area into an interesting duty-free arrivals space.

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